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multitouch game ALPHA – Hippos

October 6th, 2009

I’ve been trying to get my Box2DFlash chops up.
And this is something I’ve wanted to do since I started looking into multitouch.

hipposSo without further ado… Hungry Hungry Hippos (alpha version).

NOTE: I absolutely love seeing my experiments and apps in videos on the net. So feel free to take video testing out this game and leave a comment with a link.

The code is very very very very raw and not very clean or organized, but if you’d still like to see it, just send me a message.
I’m trying to get it up and running in the Collider project.

Download SWF and projector files

Saturday’s Plan – Cam upgrade and Endurance Test

May 23rd, 2009

Dissecting the PS3eye Early to rise this morning, and a few things I’m trying to accomplish today. Two nights ago I made the switch from using the xbox live camera to the PS3. And I can not tell you how happy it has made me in the end! After learning which setting work the best with my computer (so far its 320×240 at 60fps).

Came across another website post, Pimp my Cam. Swapping out the PS3 lens for another lens which can hold a wide-angle security lens. Brilliant. So now I have the lens on order and I should have it this week sometime. But what to do till then. I’m exremely happy with the performance of the PS3 cam, but I have the xBox setup in the table. I couldn’t wait, I needed to switch the camera and try first hand. I immediatly understood the use of the wide-angle lens, to get all of the screen in view the camera has to be put completely at the bottom of the box, I even needed to switch to a small mirror to help it fit. But it works great. Some temporary duct tape and I’m good to test. Read the rest of this entry »