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Digital Graffiti Wall: part 2

October 3rd, 2010

Ingenuity Fest last week I would say was a success. Everyone enjoyed the digital graffiti wall, and the space I was in was great. I was about to corner the whole setup into an edge of the wall and use the canvas covering to make extended ‘walls’ that made it look as though it fit into the wall better.

Anyone who saved their art went to:

Nearly 200 images were collected Ranging from 4 year olds that just wanted to use the can, to local graffiti artists that were pleasantly surprised on how much the wall mimicked real spray paint. Even though the little nuances are gone, and some techniques aren’t replicated; types of flicking at the end, changing depth/hence size and being able to use stencil type objects to enhance the edges of lines.

Here are some examples,

On the flip side

The space was amazing, the unused lower level of the Detroit-Superior bridge in Cleveland. One long span of awesome.

Only problem is since it is never in use, there isn’t need for much power. Definitely not enough power to run a whole festival! The power was spread THIN! In fact, the circuit I was on tripped 5 times saturday, and I was only running the display at 1/2 my full intention. I wanted another computer tracking the wall and running the FuildSolver application the projecting that onto the ceiling above the display.  Then later in the night, the plan was to wander around at do some GML projections around the festival, but I was so concerned about tapping into the power and tripping more breakers, especially the ones running performance stages, last thing I wanted is to shut down a band in the middle of their set.

So next time around, Portable Generator! Must look into one. I had the power and projectors ready, even got PDAnet running with my computer and I could connect to anywhere I have cell phone reception.

What is next?

Um, I have one possible local project coming up around Christmas time. More on that soon. And I’m thinking this would be a great item to take to other festivals and events around town. So if you’re in the Northeast Ohio area, and are interested in having the digital graffiti wall, email me at and we can work out the details.

Also, coming soon: a breakdown of the pieces and parts of the graffiti wall… and perhaps some source code (^_^)//

Digital Graffiti Wall

September 18th, 2010

One week from now, Ingenuity Fest 2010.
All weekend, come out to see the Digital Graffiti Wall.

Draw some art, post it to the tumblr account!
There is a button in the lower left of the screen.

Do you have the skills to draw your own graffiti tag? Record it to GML (Graffiti Markup Language) and upload it to the GML Archive site. Uploaded GML will be tagged with the application: Ingenuity Graffiti Wall

Throughout the bridge, see what can happen when graffiti is converted into a reusable digital format (GML). Thanks to Tony Samangy at the University of Akron for letting me borrow a bunch of eMacs he used for Collider, I’ll have displays throughout the bridge displaying some of the audience’s very own graffiti. In different forms. But you’ll have to come see if you want to see what that means.

And weather permitting, look around outside. You may even see those graffiti tags larger than life and covering more than you would expect. (^_^)//

Hope to see you at Ingenuity Fest.

Simple AIR GML Recorder

September 16th, 2010

Version 1.0.1

This isn’t as much a tutorial, as it is some source code to mess around with. Less about a week to go before Ingenuity Fest. Starting to feel the crunch a bit now.

I wanted the Digital Graffiti Wall to be able to record GML. So I needed to build a quick GML recorder I could integrate into it.

And here is the result, a very simple GML recorder built in Adobe AIR, which I did because I can export out XML files directly from it to the desktop.

How to use:

  1. Download and Install the AIR Application
    • If you need to install the AIR Framework, get it here
  2. Run The GML_Recorder Application
  3. Press “Start Recording GML”
  4. Draw Your GML Tag
  5. Press “Stop Recording GML”
  6. Press “Yes” to save the GML data to the desktop in an XML file
  7. or Press “No” to reset the screen
  8. Repeat as needed
  9. (^_^)//

I have tested a few tags before posting this post at to make sure the tags are written well. You can even see a recorded tag in action here:

And for everyone who wants to look under the hood. Here is the source:

Download GML Recorder Source

I’m open for feedback or if anyone finds anything wrong, please email me:

Digital Graffiti Wall ~ Speakeasy 2.0

August 4th, 2010

Version one has been put into use, successfully I may add.

Two weekends ago, Ingenuity Fest Speakeasy 2.0 Fundraiser. It was HOT, but it was Excellent! I was setup in the catacombs of the bridge, but I could still head the bass thumping from the DJs at the base of it. They ended up setting me up right next to Alexander Boxerbaum and Andy Horchler, the time lapse artists I worked with last year. They were showing off their 36 Views of a Bridge videos. And they had new time lapse rigs to try out, I saw the results… AMAZING! They even filmed some use of the Graffiti Wall in sped up time. Video to come soon (^_^).

So the digital graffiti wall. Honestly, I’m kind of flying by the set of my pants with it and need to lock down a few things. I’ve been wanting to dub it #IngenGraffiti, but I don’t know if it is worth doing that, since I’ll be able to use it beyond Ingenuity Fest. What do you think? Or should I be named IngenGraffiti for now, and just renamed later?

You wanna see it? Read the rest of this entry »

#IngenGraffiti – Projection Screen

July 12th, 2010

Well that was a little easier than expected! Last weekend, the play: build the projection screen frame for the Ingenuity Fest Graffiti Wall Project. The screen is 4ft X 8ft. The frame, build out of PVC (which cuts really easily). I barely even had a plan, I just stood in the PVC aisle and worked it out in my head. And I only needed 3 trips to the hardware store.

Grommets were all measured and mounted by your truly. And once the screen was stretched, it naturally squared itself off. I love it when a plan (even an imaginary one) comes together.


Moving forward, I play to tag anything related to this project with #IngenGraffiti and I hope you’ll do the same. Read the rest of this entry »

A little bit of nothing

May 31st, 2010

Just taking a step back to reflect quickly. Lots of things going on. This is some news from the light side. (^_^)//

My proposal to Ingenuity Fest 2010 was accepted this year, the project: A digital graffiti wall, interaction will be done with modified spray paint cans rather than touch. The graffiti will be recorded via GML (graffiti markup language) so I’ll be able to repurpose it throughout IngenFest as well. Small projections, a large (building size hopefully) projection, use of the graffiti theromin and possibly a CNC style ground chalk painter.

Looks like this’ll be this summer’s big project.

Some other things coming along: A few web development projects. And a data visualization project with a deadline QUICKLY approaching for the Kelvin Smith Library at CASE. I’m excited to get that one wrapped up soon. that one should have some really nice video documentation once it’s wrapped up.

Getting ready for an upcoming multitouch table demo. Some possible nice future opportunities there. If not, another nice opportunity to get user feedback and suggestions.

Still Swimming – FTIR II and Capacitive

August 13th, 2009

Temporarily, I have shifted from the software side of things back to the hardware. For those of you looking for more Flash experiments, my appologies. The experimenting is going to be taking a little break while I work on 2 new hardware projects.

1. New FTIR table

Back to were I started, making a new FTIR table. I don’t have everything planned out. I’m letting things come together organically. But here are the basic ideas I’m going for.

  • Almost 50″ diagonally
  • Toshiba EW25U Projector
  • Rosco Grey
  • squeegeed compliant layer, rolled on method compliant layer
  • 36″ max height (or as close as possible)

So far so good, I’ve slowly been getting all the pieces I need, and now I’m finally beginning fabrication. LED rails, acrylic holding frame, table spec design.

2. Capacitive Foil

I finally received some income I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while. After debating with myself my ultimate intentions will all this multitouch experimentation, talking team up with a brilliant business mind, and a can-do personallity. I contacted a local distributor about purchasing a piece of capacitive foil.

True, it may not be multitouch (yet), but I’ve wanted to experiment with this kind of stuff from the start. And large scale, I mean 50″ diagonal again 16:9 ratio. Something I can use to create a full scale demonstration of capabilities. Not just and idea, but an actual physical implimentation to show off.

The capacitive foil is on the way. I have a large piece of acrylic waiting for it to be applied on, I just need to build a stable frame to hold it up. And be able to swap from portrait to landscape.

And not to mention my practice of cross communication between computers and flash (in real time no less). There are interesting things right around the corner.

Upcoming Art/Tech Events

The Bridge Project – 36 Views of a Bridge with Alexander Boxerbaum

Collider Exhibition Series: Interactivity and New Media – new installation still in planning phase

until then, happy experimenting!

36 Views at Ingenuity Fest – Report

July 14th, 2009

The Artists First off, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who came out to support art, music and technology in Cleveland. I feel very proud to have been part of such an event. Not only was the public curious and interested in everything that was going on, even the fellow artists, musicians and technologists were eager to enjoy the whole festival.

But now, down to it.

36 View of a Bridge

The main question everyone had when I got back to work on Monday was, “how did it go?”

It went Awesomely.

Sure, there were a few kinks to work out at first. Two of the videos were still being converted to h.246 compressed videos so they could be played by flash in HD. And the voting on the table had a few bugs because of the missing videos. But Alex and Andy got them wrapped up ASAP and in they went.

Smoooooth sailing from then on, right? Well, not exactly.

The multi-touch table was wrapped in a cloth for appearance sake, and I didn’t realize how much heat it would trap in. Within 2 hours, the mirror I was using to reflect the projector slowly started to melt off of the frame that was holding it! Oh boy, quickly I got a block of wood to secure the bottom section and grabbed the duct tape (duct tape is my personal hero in times like this). Mirror is back on track and luckily I never nudged the camera so the calibration was only off by what looked like 1/4 inch—not horrible. And aside from that, only the Flash on the multi-touch table got a little overwhelmed a few times over the course of the weekend.

Saturday morning. Got the iPhone voting functioning—that was yet another highlight of day. People were capable of voting for videos outside of the exhibit if they felt so inclined. And it was cool to see the playlist randomly change order at any given time the table.

On Sunday the entire setup ran error-free for 5 hours and 59 minutes! Not bad for a first time art/tech exhibitor, in my opinion.
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Word is Spreading – Ingenuity Fest – 36 Views of a Bridge

July 4th, 2009

The news is going out, one week from now, Ingenuity Fest.
Heres a list of more information:

Flash Communication Ninjutsu

June 17th, 2009

For 36 View of a Bridge at Ingenuity Fest 09 Cleveland OH

So as it happens, after most client meeting (client used very very loosely). It turns out the first way I was thinking about how to build this app wasn’t exactly how it was originally vision. Honestly I was a little relieved, because what the new idea is made more sense to create. The only problem, how to pull it off? Read the rest of this entry »