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New pics – FTIR II

August 18th, 2009

Wired IR LED rails, Acrylic and Base

Assembled Top, Rails and Acrylic

Wired IR LED rails, Acrylic and Base

1 inch spacing on LEDs. Black electrical tape to help with light control and sliding prevention.

Wired IR LED rails, Acrylic and Base

1 inch spacing on LEDs. Black electrical tape to help with light control and sliding prevention.

Wired IR LED rails, Acrylic and Base

Powered by an old computer ATX power supply (12V)

IR LED rail

Drilled with a drill press for increased accuracy compared to my first table build.

IR LED rail

Loctite, excellent to hold LEDs in place. Not terribly difficult to remove if any burnout.

Acrylic edge flame polished by my uncle (a plastics fabricator company owner)

And the width of the acrylic, 16:10 ratio to work with a Toshiba TDP-EW25U

Still Swimming – FTIR II and Capacitive

August 13th, 2009

Temporarily, I have shifted from the software side of things back to the hardware. For those of you looking for more Flash experiments, my appologies. The experimenting is going to be taking a little break while I work on 2 new hardware projects.

1. New FTIR table

Back to were I started, making a new FTIR table. I don’t have everything planned out. I’m letting things come together organically. But here are the basic ideas I’m going for.

  • Almost 50″ diagonally
  • Toshiba EW25U Projector
  • Rosco Grey
  • squeegeed compliant layer, rolled on method compliant layer
  • 36″ max height (or as close as possible)

So far so good, I’ve slowly been getting all the pieces I need, and now I’m finally beginning fabrication. LED rails, acrylic holding frame, table spec design.

2. Capacitive Foil

I finally received some income I’ve been looking forward to for quite a while. After debating with myself my ultimate intentions will all this multitouch experimentation, talking team up with a brilliant business mind, and a can-do personallity. I contacted a local distributor about purchasing a piece of capacitive foil.

True, it may not be multitouch (yet), but I’ve wanted to experiment with this kind of stuff from the start. And large scale, I mean 50″ diagonal again 16:9 ratio. Something I can use to create a full scale demonstration of capabilities. Not just and idea, but an actual physical implimentation to show off.

The capacitive foil is on the way. I have a large piece of acrylic waiting for it to be applied on, I just need to build a stable frame to hold it up. And be able to swap from portrait to landscape.

And not to mention my practice of cross communication between computers and flash (in real time no less). There are interesting things right around the corner.

Upcoming Art/Tech Events

The Bridge Project – 36 Views of a Bridge with Alexander Boxerbaum

Collider Exhibition Series: Interactivity and New Media – new installation still in planning phase

until then, happy experimenting!

FTIR to DI Conversion

June 9th, 2009

I’ve got some upgrading going on. First, I procured a new projector. I was worried the old one was running out of bulb life, and I borrowed it. Similar throw distance, well a little less. And I decided to switch from FTIR to DI for an upcoming event. So now I can just get a now projection screen and solid surface and be set until the next build.

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