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A little bit of nothing

May 31st, 2010

Just taking a step back to reflect quickly. Lots of things going on. This is some news from the light side. (^_^)//

My proposal to Ingenuity Fest 2010 was accepted this year, the project: A digital graffiti wall, interaction will be done with modified spray paint cans rather than touch. The graffiti will be recorded via GML (graffiti markup language) so I’ll be able to repurpose it throughout IngenFest as well. Small projections, a large (building size hopefully) projection, use of the graffiti theromin and possibly a CNC style ground chalk painter.

Looks like this’ll be this summer’s big project.

Some other things coming along: A few web development projects. And a data visualization project with a deadline QUICKLY approaching for the Kelvin Smith Library at CASE. I’m excited to get that one wrapped up soon. that one should have some really nice video documentation once it’s wrapped up.

Getting ready for an upcoming multitouch table demo. Some possible nice future opportunities there. If not, another nice opportunity to get user feedback and suggestions.