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vision[type] at Collider 3: Transform

March 23rd, 2011

I was happily asked back to be a part of the Collider Series at Akron University by my former teacher Tony Samangy. They showed me the space they wanted me to use and how they were hoping to use it. They wanted to help the flow of people going from the main floor of the gallery to the sub-floor. So my spot was more or less the stair well. And the theme for this installment is “Transform”

At the first Collider, Tony was hoping to have this ascii camera display running, but unfortunately it just didn’t work out in time. This time, the theme fits perfectly for the ascii camera. Take a picture and transform it to an array of characters to represent the grey values in the picture.

But this is only 1/2 the project. On the opposite side of the stairwell is the windows to the outside hall. Using 2 projectors, 6 panels of the windows take all that ascii information and displays. Each image begins as a pure white screen, and as time goes on each line of ascii characters shoot across the screen, leaving a trail of color behind. All the colors left behind slowly seep into the full ascii image. Slowly you are able to see the ascii image on the windows but then after too much color the image and once again indiscernible. One all the characters have gone by a new image is picked at random from the images taken in the hallway.

The projection helps to intregue passers by to enter the gallery and from the inside, the motion of the type slowly guides visitors to the lower level of the gallery.

Collider Series

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Collider Stats

October 7th, 2009

The Collider Series page on my website is now displaying some analytic information about what apps are being played with most.

Looks like FluidSolver is in the lead,
with Touch Physics close behind!

And Gaia‚Äôs Touch, impressive…have I shared that one with everyone yet?

Pressing On, Amidst UNsuccess

September 7th, 2009
Pour failure, and then some

Pour failure, and then some

So, time is winding down for Collider. And I don’t have a lot of things to finish, but I do have some critical things.


Is slowly driving me insane. I keep thinking of ideas to pull it off. Then trying them, then failing horribly. At first it was ok, just discard the bad sheet, then move on. As time went on, looks like I got a little sloppier, or didn’t take this or that into account, and ended up ruining a large piece of acrylic, ruining a large piece of rosco projection screen. Ruining some shorts. And just burning through my funds…thanks to freelance work to help keep it a float.

But, I’m trying not to get discouraged. So I press on. I’ll just have to put in a new order for a new piece of acrylic. At least I can use the old one as a solid flat surface. Thankfully I have a spare piece of rosco, but it looks like I may be taking a step back to accomplish the compliant layer.

I was finally able to pull off the rail and squeegee method, but the silicone is full of bubbles. A LOT of bubbles. I cut a sample to see it through the projection, oh yeah, bubbles everywhere. SO, to try and turn lemons into lemonaide. I still rolled on the texturring to it, and it’ll be at least a solid “backup” piece, just in case I cannot get one right in time.

So to any and all my readers, don’t let the bumbs in the road get you down. It’ll happen to the best of us. Nothing always goes as planned. And other words and phrased of encouragement I can offer.

At least writing about it made me feel a little better.