cyancdesign: projects

Digital Interactive Exhibits Design and Development

Water It or Not!

Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Interactive Wall Exhibit

The first large scale interactive exhibit by cyancdesign. It uses a front projector on a magnetic white board to let the user interact with digital water.

The user can control the amount of water with real world valves connected to an Arduino microprocessor. And the user places magnets on the white board which is detected by an infrared camera and the projection reacts to the magnet on the board.

This application is developed using openFrameworks.

Earthquake Generator

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Controller Hardware
& Application Development

CMNH and I collaborated on redesigning their earthquake simulator exhibit. Rather than waiting for a 15min. video to play, a mock control panel was created using various electronic components connected to an Arduino microcontroller. Users used the controls to activate a digital applications built in openFrameworks which also displayed other earthquake data available over the internet.

Once the pneumatic shaker was activated by the Arduino, an accelerometer connected to the floor displayed live magnitude data on the digital display.

Volcano Exhibit

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Controller Hardware
& Application Development

This digital display is controlled by potentiometers connected to an Arduino microcontroller. Users chose how much water and magma viscosity is combined to cause an eruption, which could be a small sizzle or a massive explosion!

Kinect Display


Application Development
(Kinect Controlled)

Used at a medical tradeshows, this part of a group of interactive displays uses the Microsoft Kinect to track the user's hand movements to control the digital display. Users learn how this particular medicine works in a more playful environment.

LED Boards

Ingenuity Fest & Mentor City Fest

Hardware Development
(Arduino/Teensy + openFrameworks + WS2801 RGB LED)

These LED boards use WS2801 RGB LEDs which are individually controlled. The image displayed on the grid is created by an openFrameworks application which send the color data to the LED boards. I started using an Arduino but have since moved to a Teensy board because the Teensy can run the LEDs much faster. The demo video is running Conway's Game of Life which can be controlled by a touchscreen monitor.

When shown at Ingenuity Fest, the setup was next to the music stage, so the color background of the display shows a live visual of the music.

And this is the original version syncing video with the LED display:
View Video.

Gut Check Fridge

Personal Project

Application Development
(Arduino + Social Media)

When trying to lose weight and living alone, my biggest problem was late night snacking without fear of repercussion. So I attached a pressure switch to my fridge, connected it to an Arduino with a wi-fi shield and set it to post to my Facebook and Twitter accounts if I raided the fridge late at night. I also let my friend post new content for my fridge to message out depending on how many times I opened the fridge at night (which has been removed due to spam attack).

You can learn more at

Interactive Applications

A Journey
of the Heart

Cleveland Clinic

Application Development (touchscreen)
& Content Management

Created for the Cleveland Clinic showroom at the Cleveland’s Global Center for Health Innovation, this application presents the user with different patient's stories related to their heart health. This application is presented on 3 50" touchscreen wall monitors and an ADA compliant table top touchscreen.

Cleveland Clinic wanted to be able to show multiple types of content in the patient's journey timeline. So a custom CMS was also created to control and sort the content for each patient.

The application is built in Adobe AIR in Actionscript 3. The CMS is built in PHP/MySQL.

Wellness Monitors

Cleveland Clinic

Application Development (touchscreen)

Created for the Cleveland Clinic showroom at the Cleveland’s Global Center for Health Innovation, this application presents the user with different wellness videos and infographics. This application is presented on table top touchscreen monitors. And the user can swipe left and right infinitely.

The application is built in Adobe AIR with Actionscript 3. The CMS is built in PHP/MySQL.

Mythic Creatures / Tools Evolution Game

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Application Development (touchscreen)

Users play a game of memory matching to pair up either mythic creatures with their real world counterparts, or find ancient stone tools to match with their modern counterparts.

The first iteration of the Mythic Creatures game was created for a custom projector based touchscreen table also built by cyancdesign. The application is built in Adobe AIR with Actionscript 3.

Gift Wrap Generator

The Rogers Company

Application Development (touchscreen)

A collaboration with The Rogers Company and The Dream Foundation. The Rogers Company used this app at a tradeshow where users would draw their pictures with a touchscreen. After the tradeshow, all the saved images were used to create wrapping paper used by The Dream Foundation to wrap gifts given to the people the help.

Web Design & Development

JMR Medical Inc.

Static Company Website, Design/Development, Product Photography

Design and development for JMR Medical Inc. website. No bell or whistles, just straight forward HTML/CSS. Integration with Google Maps on About Us page. They wanted custom photography for their products.

View JMR Medical Inc.


Online Website/Webtool, UX/UI Design

Scout RFP needed a redesign of their online tool. The RFP uploading and editing process was revised and modified to be simpler. I designed new forms then did the initial front-end development to integrate the page into the Ruby on Rails online tool.


Company Website, Design/Development, Wordpress Integration

During employment at ONOSYS, I was tasked to update the design of the ONOSYS website. Pages were built using and integrate a Wordpress blog on an external server.

White Label

dotNet CMS integration,
Front-end Development,
Theme based CSS

When ONOSYS and LivingSocial decided to refactor their enterprise restaurant system for smaller restaurants, they wanted the layout to be simplified and consistent between restaurants. Working with the lead designer, we came up with a template approach which would account for different background images and styles along with color scheme.

I working with the development team to build clean and consistent front-end code. I also assisted with the theme controls in the dotNet content management system, building out new pieces so project managers could select themes within the CMS.

White Label
Theme Builder

dotNet + Front-end Development

This project started as a tool for the designers at ONOSYS to build client themes quickly and package the files to upload to the CMS in one shot.

It evolved into a tool easy enough for the project managers and client to use themselves to build out themes for the ONOSYS White Label system.