cyancdesign: digital graffiti wall

What is it?

The digital graffiti wall is a large interactive digital screen which uses fake spray paint cans or special mini LED flashlights to let anyone create digital graffiti art. Typically, it is a self contained structure, but can be modified to utilize existing windows.

The digital graffiti wall is portable and capable of being setup in any location which has a 9ft. x 9ft. x 9ft. available space and 120-volt grounded outlet (standard US grounded outlet).

Transportation, setup and breakdown is provided by cyancdesign and/or a trusted associate, along with direct contact for on-site maintenance assistance during the event.

Additional Options

The digital graffiti wall’s background image can be customized to any event; holiday, birthday, wedding or corporation specific event. Some customization may include an additional fee depending on image and graphics licensing.

A custom account and Tumblr url* can be setup for uploading the digital graffiti art to the internet during the event. Internet connection may be provided** should the location not have internet connectivity for a fee. And if internet access is not possible, images are always saved on-site to a USB flash drive (USB flash drive included in basic rental).

Get in Touch

If you’d like to check availability and price breakdown, contact Chris Yanc via email

* Tumblr is a 3rd party service not controlled by cyancdesign, any issues should be directed to

** Internet connection determined by Verzion Wireless coverage area and location, internet connection may not always be available.


There is a turn-key version which you can purchase and own for your own event company. Email me for details:

The software running the graffiti wall is also available if you already have the hardware:
– Color selection
– Spray type selection (dot/spray)
– Spray size slider
– Eraser spray
– Undo previous (up to 10 undo commands),
– Clear screen
– Save image (and upload to tumblr where applicable).

Default application resolution, 1280 x 800 at 72dpi.
Default JPG/PNG save resolution, 1280 x 685 at 72dpi, image dimensions is dependant on placement of spray controls.