My how time will just disappear on you. I started with the fullest intentions on keeping up with writing on here. But it happens I suppose. I even have a couple 1/2 written but just don’t like how they sound. May be if I just break it down into the key points of what’s going on right now it’ll help keep me on track.

  1. I am now about 1 month into being a full time consultant/freelancer, and it has been unreal so far and some amazing opportunities are coming up.
  2. Quickly learning Openframeworks and brushing up on my C++ chops.
  3. Pulling in work for multitouch related projects for Northeast Ohio
  4. Involved in this season’s Collider Series at Akron University once again
  5. And the odd web (& mobile web) dev project here and there

And I still need to get back into learning more objective-C. Hopefully learning Openframeworks may give me a boost later on. I’m trying to keep thing documented and share the transition from Actionscript to Openframeworks… but holy crap it is quite a difference.

I can tell you this much. I’ve been using Code::Blocks for my development environment. The first stumbling block was just getting Openframeworks to compile something. Then learning how to pull in addons. Then pulling in the non-included addons. But once I started to get the hang of the addons, things started to get a little smoother.

The rough outline of the project is, and interactive wall, with some box2d physics, tracking bodies and objects with real world controllable components communicating through and arduino… crap that’s a long sentence. Amazing thing is most of the base interactions stuff was a whole lot easier than expected. But the object tracking. There is not much guidance learning how to do stuff like that, but it’s slowly starting to make sense. Hopefully I’ll be able to put up some video.