One week from now, Ingenuity Fest 2010.
All weekend, come out to see the Digital Graffiti Wall.

Draw some art, post it to the tumblr account!
There is a button in the lower left of the screen.

Do you have the skills to draw your own graffiti tag? Record it to GML (Graffiti Markup Language) and upload it to the GML Archive site. Uploaded GML will be tagged with the application: Ingenuity Graffiti Wall

Throughout the bridge, see what can happen when graffiti is converted into a reusable digital format (GML). Thanks to Tony Samangy at the University of Akron for letting me borrow a bunch of eMacs he used for Collider, I’ll have displays throughout the bridge displaying some of the audience’s very own graffiti. In different forms. But you’ll have to come see if you want to see what that means.

And weather permitting, look around outside. You may even see those graffiti tags larger than life and covering more than you would expect. (^_^)//

Hope to see you at Ingenuity Fest.