I keep writing posts and not posting them because they are work related and I guess I need to tread lightly around work stuff… Don’t need to get into hot water, just gotta do what I gotta do. So here are some resources I use, and a little about why I like them.



Excellent range of tutorials to go through. And not just Flash, Silverlight and WFP (which i haven’t tried yet but I would start there if I ever did).

Grant Skinner’s Blog


I learned how to use the Dictionary Class here first and foremost. And he releases cool/awesome classes to use and try out.



You know what I like more than reading a good tutorial, watching a screen cast of it. And Lee Brimelow even offers the code to go with the tutorials.



Part of the Envato network of site. They have a site for photoshop, illustrator, after effects and all sorts of other things. I’ve used some of their tutorials to get some projects jump started.

And my personal favorite:



You kidding me?! Search, search, search and search and you are bound to find a tutorial or instructions on what you are looking for. May be not specifically what you are looking for, but if you break down your goal into smaller bits and find those bits and put them together… you can be done before you know it.



Have become very valuable for me. Using some intelligently devised programming to build with has really help push me along. One thing I can recommend is to actually start to dissect how the frameworks are built. And tracing through the code. I’ve learned things that I could do that I never knew I could do!

Current Favorite:



The first benefit I found from it was the use of the object pool. I’ve wanted to do more complex visuals but have always been worried about performance and memory use. Object Pools people! Object Pools! Sets aside the memory to use once you start your app. And there is still so much more I can use in the future that I barely know about.



My current physics engine of choice. I’ve learned how to use it thanks to Emanuele Feronato » italian geek and PROgrammer. Emanuele has broken it down from the very beginning enough to get anyone started.

eaze-tween (tweening engine)


Tweening rocks! Animation with just one line of code. And this is the lightest and simplest one I’ve seen yet. Everything I’ve needed to do, it has had no problem doing.

But what of a 3D Framework?

Well, I still haven’t had a project with need of it. but if I did, I think I’d like to use Papervision 3D. Unless anyone knows any better 3D frameworks out there.


Non-Digital Help, aka. books.

Admittedly, I’m not much of a reader. But there are 2 books that I’ve cracked open for Actionscript.

ActionScript 3 Design Patterns


OOP Techniques for Flash and Flex Developers. A great and understandable break down of object oriented programming, especially for someone who didn’t really know it that well (^_^)

AdvancED ActionScript 3.0 Animation


I got it mainly for the breakdown of Pathfinding, but there is a lot of excellent advanced animation techniques in there.

Well, I hope this makes up a little for being so missing this past while. Trust me, there are good things coming. Good things.

Happy Experimenting (^_^)//